The Benefits of Attending CPR Classes

When it comes to useful and valuable skills a person can learn, there are plenty of options available. You can learn cooking skills, fighting skills, or even safety skills. While all these skills are important, only a handful of them like CPR classes are beneficial. Having first aid training gives you the ability to help someone other than yourself when an emergency occurs.

Do you know that if a bystander doesn’t perform CPR, the victim’s survival chance decreases by 7% every single minute of delay? With CPR classes, you become better equipped to handle such situations and get to save lives in the process.

However, like any other skill, you have to first seek out formal training by registering for a CPR certification course. And, here are some of the benefits you can expect from such training.

1. You Become More Prepared

Every parent will tell you that despite it being a joy raising children, it can sometimes become a difficult job to perform, as you are responsible for the life of a small human being(s). Your little ones look up to you, and naturally as a parent you will do anything to protect them. By having CPR training, you become well prepared to help your little ones out in case of an emergency.

If you do not have children, this does not mean that you should rule out attending BLS classes. Having CPR skills will help you be more prepared to help others and yourself if an accident occurs.

2. You Are More Valuable

Most people often assume that learning CPR doesn’t translate into job opportunities. But, this is far from the truth. While having first aid training doesn’t guarantee you a job opportunity, as a doctor, it does add value to your resume. Formal first aid training is an impressive addition, especially for some job opportunities like childcare provider or a lifeguard.

It can also give you a competitive edge over other applicants when applying for a coach, teacher, or personal trainer position. Even hospitality staff, retail salespeople, and wait staff become attractive employees when they have CPR training.

3. You Become Incredibly Empowered

Attending CPR classes Vancouver WA empowers you to assist someone in need. And, this is especially true for parents with children who are below five years of age. Choking is quite frequent in children this age because of their tendency to put objects in the mouth. And, without first aid, choking can lead to instant death. Knowing how to perform first aid allows you to save the life of your child.

4. You Can Help Save a Life

Situations can sometimes arise while in a public place and you come across someone whose heart and breathing has stopped. Such a situation calls for immediate response or the person dies. Having CPR training allows you to take charge and offer CPR before the ambulance arrives. Providing CPR can mean the difference between death and life for the unconscious individual.

5. You Can Assist

Having multiple people with knowledge of CPR is much better than having one in a crisis. One individual performing first aid can quickly tire out. But with the help of another CPR certified individual, they can quickly provide first aid longer and more efficiently.

With all the above benefits, why are there only a few CPR certified experts? The reason for this lies in a few factors like:

Lack of cash: Most people justify not attending first aid training classes to a tight budget. This makes them eliminate the thought of signing up for classes.

A tight schedule: Others are extremely busy, and sometimes juggling community commitments, a full-time job, and family can be challenging. And, fitting one more activity to this list can be hard.

But, thanks to CPR classes in Vancouver, you can learn basic first aid without having to attend a class at a mortar and brick establishment. All you have to do is register, learn, pass, and become a certified CPR provider.

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