Steps to Take When Someone Around You Has Collapsed

While hazardous materials that constantly pose threats to people can be seen and avoided, heart disease is a silent killer. In fact, it causes many deaths in the country – claiming more than 600,000 lives each year. That’s why it’s crucial to get CPR certification courses or other first aid training courses.

If you are trained with giving CPR, you can help save precious lives. CPR keeps oxygen and blood flowing, increasing a person’s chance of survival after having a heart attack.

Even though people having heart disease is increasing, many individuals still don’t know how to perform CPR. Considering that many people suffer from a stroke or heart attack outside of a hospital, you can tremendously help increase a person’s chance of survival if you promptly perform proper CPR on the individual.

If someone in your household suddenly gets a heart attack, you can help save that person’s life. Studies reveal that four out of every five cardiac arrests occur at home. Moreover, even people with no known heart problems or risk factors and appear healthy can still get a sudden cardiac arrest.

This video by Emergency Cardiac Care is one of the best CPR videos. You’ll see a detailed demonstration of how trained people do CPR. And if you get enrolled in one of the CPR certification courses in the country, you can also help save lives.

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