Springs the Unsung Hero of Automotive Functions

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When thinking of essential car parts, most people think of engines, transmissions, and tires. Most people do not tend to think of springs. Making sure all of the springs in your car are high quality is important for the handling of the car and the safety of the driver and passengers.

The most common metal spring configuration is the helical compression spring. By offering resistance to linear compressing forces, compression springs are one of the most efficient energy storage devices available. Of course, when it comes to metal automotive springs, size matters. A spring that is too short will be unable to form correct connections. If your springs are too long, the operations will not function as necessary.

If the compression spring is the wrong size, and cannot keep up with the speed of the engine, valve float can occur. Valve float is a condition where the valves are unable to close properly. If the valve cannot close quickly enough, it can hit or shatter the piston, bend the valve, and otherwise severely damage the engine. A quick way to prevent valve float is to use stiffer valve springs. Using automotive spring clamps to clip two spring coils together or cutting one coil completely off the spring to create a custom coil spring may temporarily stiffen the spring. Otherwise, you could try installing two springs parallel to one another to achieve the same effect.

Automotive springs are also a crucial component in any vehicle’s suspension system. Having quality shock absorption improves the quality of the drive and vehicle handling over rough roads. Many car enthusiasts use automotive spring clamps to shorten suspension springs for two reasons. Shorter springs lower the vehicle’s center of gravity and stiffen the springs. Both of these effects improve handling of the vehicle, especially at high speeds and around corners.

Springs are a crucial component in the handling of a car, and in keeping the engine running smoothly. For this reason, it is important that people have their springs regularly inspected to be sure they are functioning properly, and that they replace any springs that may have stretched out or lost their elasticity.

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