Simple DIY Home-Build Wood Storage Sheds

If your family likes to gather around the fire on cool summer nights and chilly winter mornings, you already know the importance of stocking and protecting your firewood from the elements. Wet wood won’t burn well and produces more smoke than properly maintained firewood, which can ruin a campfire night before it even starts.

When interior space is limited, wood storage sheds can be a lifesaver. However, it can be a daunting task to come up with the right design for you and your home.

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It’s important to consider factors like lot size, building code, local weather, and even invasive species present in your area. Places that are prone to intensely hot weather or wildfires may find that a more careful storage method is necessary.

This shed build particularly keeps the wood easy to access while saving space where it needs to be conserved. Not every yard or home has the dimensions for a full shed! The design included in this video is simple and compact, allowing for the storage area to be backed up to a wall or free-standing. And thanks to the step-by-step presentation and short list of supplies, it’s also the perfect fit for less-seasoned builders.


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