Pros and Cons of Plastic Molding

According to Plascon Plastics, injection molding is the most familiar technique for molding plastic products. Customs plastics are created when particular specifications plus requirements are utilized in the plastic injection molding process. Plastic molding technology has the following pros and cons.
Pros of Plastic Molding
Cost-effective: The injection equipment is efficient and operates at high speeds, thus increasing productivity. Also, using recycled materials in custom plastics injection molding lowers production costs.
Detailed: Plastic molding technology is a complex process with the ability to embed logos and designs on the final products without incurring any extra cost for every unit.

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Expandable: Plastic molding technology is present worldwide, meaning anyone can produce from anywhere. Hence, choosing to manufacture close to the target market is possible.
Cons of Plastic Molding
Expensive to start: Molds cost so much to produce, increasing start-up costs. Molds are often sourced overseas due to their high production costs.
Difficulty in modification: Design changes are challenging to implement. Any mistakes can lead to mold wastage, thus increasing production costs.
Client research challenges: Must have a market in mind before going into production as the lack of a market leads to significant losses.

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