Private Preschools Versus Public Preschools Are They Worth It?

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One of the biggest decisions parents will make about their children’s education is whether to send to them a private school or a public school. Immediately, it may seem obvious to some parents — public schools are free after all. But the fact is that a free education isn’t always the best education, and most parents do want their children to have the most advantages possible when beginning life. For that matter, many private schools aren’t as expensive as people imagine — and they are well worth the price. There are many advantages of private schools, and they’re much more accessible than you might imagine. For example, private preschools are now available, and many “feed” students into private elementary schools, middle schools, and eventually high schools. Early education is extremely important when getting a child started off right, and it’s perhaps at its best in a private school. Below, we’ll look into the importance of preschool, and the advantages of private schools. These schools can get your child to where they need to be, not simply academically but socially and emotionally as well. Remember, your child’s education isn’t something you can be blase about — it will affect the rest of his or her life.

Why Should I Send My Child To Preschool?

Some parents aren’t sure about sending their children to preschool in the first place — public or private. This hesitation is understandable, as it’s often caused in part by the anxiousness many parents feel about putting their child in any kind of childcare program when they’re young. A certain amount of separation anxiety on the part of the parent and the child is natural. But preschool can do a lot to get your child’s education started right, and early education importance cannot be downplayed. Typically, preschoolers will learn to recognize and name all of the uppercase and lowercase letters, and they will learn the name of many different colors, basic shapes, and body parts. Preschoolers also begin learning basic math skills, such as learning to count from zero to nine, and being able to name numbers correctly. Children in preschool also begin socializing with children their own age, and learning how to conduct themselves in social situations. In fact, some preschools even use key development indicators to track a child’s social and emotional development. This way, a parent will know ahead of time if there are any warning signs that they should be aware of. With that being said — what are the advantages of private schools when it comes to preschools?

Why Should I Send My Child To A Private Preschool?

The advantages of private preschools versus public preschools are manifold, but it’s understandable if you’re confused at first. One of the major reasons why parents often choose private preschools over public ones is that the class sizes in private preschools tend to be much smaller. This means that a child in a private preschool will get more individualized attention than they would at a public school, which encourages personal growth and confidence. One of the other advantages of private schools is that they tend to encourage the parents’ participation, and perhaps facilitate it more than public schools do. This means that parents feel more involved, and more comfortable with raising issues if they ever do have them. Private preschools also tend to have more exclusive hiring standards than public schools, which means that a child in a private preschool might get a better education than a child in a public preschool.

Is A Private Preschool Worth The Tuition?

For all the reasons listed above, a private preschool experience is certainly worth the cost of tuition. Some private preschools also offering “scholarships” for those who demonstrate financial need, and it should be remembered that the tuition you pay goes towards your child’s education. Tuition helps fund private preschools, and ensures that the children attending them get the very best that education has to offer.

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