Private High School Smaller Class Sizes for Higher Education

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High School is a fun time in our kids lives, a fork in the road and a stepping stone to adulthood and their next adventures. But with so much going on in their lives, it is hard to keep them focused on academics. And although you may be thinking about honor programs, college and college goals, chances are your kids are thinking about the next high school basketball or football game, etc.

Staying Focused in a Private High School
If you’re thinking private high school, then the best thing to do for your kid’s education, whether your kid’s an athlete, an absolute genius or somewhere in between – is to start thinking about private high schools while they’re still in middle school or even sooner. If you think your kids will benefit from smaller class sizes and less distractions, most private high schools are much smaller, in fact 86% of them have 300 students or less. Sure, it’s nice to have your kids spend time doing extra extracurricular activities like sports or cheerleading, but you want your kids to spend just as much time putting effort in the classroom and in places like the school library.

Narrowing down how many students are attending a school largely increases the chance your child will get the attention it needs when it comes to subjects that your child may be struggling in.

You can also narrow down the chances something bad might happen to, in or around the school that can get in the way of their education, possibly traumatizing them. In a Fraser Institute study that surveyed parents of students that had kids in private schools, show that 72% of parents believe that their child’s schools were safe.

Thinking About Future Success
Going to a private school is about future success; about understanding that each year gets harder and more challenging whether you are going from middle school to high school, or high school to college. It’s about being confident and prepared, and knowing that the school that you are enrolled in is giving you everything you need to succeed; everything you need to get high scores on your SATs and good grades to get accepted into the college that will help you start your life out in the right direction.

If you want your kids to rep the benefits of a higher education, especially at a high school level, than a private high school may be the perfect way to go. With most private schools being less than half the size of public schools, the undivided attention that a private school can give your child may be just what they need to move successfully onto the next level of their lives.

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