Pre-K A Day In the Life

What is a pre-k program? The simple answer is that a pre-k program is an educational program that focuses on preparing young learners from three to five for kindergarten. Of course, that is a generic version of what preschools do. A preschool is charged with helping the whole child develop not just from an educational perspective but from a social perspective as well.

Some daycare centers offer pre-kindergarten curriculum, but in most cases, the preschool will not be in a daycare setting but in a school setting. This video takes you behind the scenes of what a pre-kindergarten class does in a day. Watch as the children learn and explore and even help prepare their own snacks.

This video is an actual preschool class and is not a room full of trained actors. Watch as the children are engaged in their activities and seem to fully enjoy their time in the class. This sweet video will put a smile on your face and give you a behind-the-scenes look at what fun children can have as they learn in a nurturing environment.

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