Porsche Repair Service Tools You Must Own

Porsches are special cars with unique features. This explains why servicing a Porsche is different from servicing other cars. It requires special tools and extra care. As this video explains, there are several Porsche repair service tools you must own.

Metric Wrenches Set – A wrench is used to loosen or tighten bolts and nuts.

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Ideal wrenches for Porsche range between 7 to 22 mm.

Torx bit sets – are used for security or tamper-resistance screws.

Alan bit set – Allen key is a driver for bolts that has a head with internal hexagonal sockets.

E-Torx socket set – designed to help mechanics easily remove and replace torx-type fasteners in vehicles.

Special Ratchets – used to loosen and tighten fasteners such as bolts and nuts. Porche usually requires a three-eighths drive ratchet that helps take parts out immediately.

Impact sockets sets – help avoid unusual damage or deformation to the anvil as they tend to bend rather than shatter.

Repairing a Porsche requires care and expertise. With the right tools, you can easily repair and maintain the integrity of a Porsche.

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