Looking To Get Published? Check Out These Options

Every writer’s goal is to eventually publish their work. In this modern age there are many different resources available to authors, but trying to navigate them all can be overwhelming. If you are interested in publishing a book, here are a few common options available to you.

Traditional Publishing

When researching how to publish a book you’ll most usually run into traditional publishing methods. This entails a publisher contracting an author and publishing their work. However, due to the nature of the contract, this means that the publisher basically buys the rights to the published material. The author is then paid royalties from the publish for the use of their work.

For this method most authors hire an agent to help them contact and work with publishers. If you’re looking to write fiction, you will have to have an entire manuscript completed. Though non-fiction authors will need to submit a proposal with samples and complete synopsis of individual chapters.

Once these criteria are met you’ll be required to a letter of query. This serves as a proposal to agents, almost like a resume. It should contain your idea, a basic synopsis, and summary of chapters. You should also specify your target demographic and a brief description of yourself. Sending this to multiple agents is the best way to get your work out their and find the best agent for you.

Self Publishing

In the modern age this method is beginning to overtake traditional publishing. This is due to the freedom of being your own boss essentially. There are a variety of resources for self publishing a book, but one of the most popular is print-on-demand. These publishers accept all material submitted to them, so long as the author is willing to pay for it. The books aren’t printed enmasse, rather they are printed by order. This helps keep the method more cost effective, and the amount can be easily customized and controlled.

Authors can pay additional for editing and proofreading, or they have the option to hire from another source. Furthermore royalties can be made from this form of publishing; however the right of the POD can vary. In most instances they’ll acquire partial rights for a set amount of time, but this varies by company.

Vanity publishers are another option. These types of publishers are also known as book manufacturers. They are able to publish anyone who is willing to pay for their services. Though they are able to print and bind books, they usually don’t offer editing, proofing, or assistance with promotion. However, authors retain all rights to their material, which can be a big draw for interested authors.

Self publishing books can be more costly than
going through a traditional publisher; however, for those willing to invest in their material it can be more desirable. POD is the most cost effective method; however, the other options may be work a look depending on the situation.


When looking into publishing a book these are a few of the most commonly used outlets. Each author has their own personal preferences. By researching these methods, or reaching out to companies, you can get a better idea of what will work for you.

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