Looking for a Versatile Career? Start with a Communication Studies Program

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If you’re considering a communication studies program, the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates there will be approximately 4% growth in media and communication occupations between 2014-to-2024. What this means in terms of position availability is 27,400 new jobs.

If you already have the basic skill set to enter this and related fields, completing a bachelor’s degree in communication studies will prepare you to succeed even further. When polled, 83% of college students said their degree “has paid off.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also states that as of May 2015, the median annual wage for positions within the media and communications field was $53,530. This was substantially higher, for example, than other occupations, where the median was $36,200.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are a number of positions you may expect to find within the media and communication field:

    Broadcasting and sound engineering technicians
    Film and video editors and camera operators
    Interpretors and translators
    Public relations specialists
    Reporters, correspondents, and broadcast news analysts
    Technical writers
    Writers and authors

There will, of course, be specialized skill sets needed for each of these positions. In addition to learning these in your communication studies program, you will also have an opportunity to further hone them once you launch your career.

A Pew Research report from 2012, provided the following median incomes based on the level of school completed:

    High-school diploma: $28,000
    Some college: $30,000
    Bachelor’s degree or higher: $45,000

In 2013, it was found that people in the United States with bachelor’s degrees earned 98% more per hour that those without. Furthermore, 89% of millennials with a degree were employed on a full-time basis.

Currently, the average starting salary for someone with a bachelor’s degree is $45,000, and the average hourly rate is around $32.60. Depending on the time of position as well as the specific position, these figures will vary.

There were 21 million students in college during 2014. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 20.5 million students were expected to attend colleges and universities in the fall of 2016.

If you’re looking for a versatile career path, and the opportunities it can afford, start exploring a communication studies program catalogue and earn your communications degree.

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