Lifelong Benefits of Early Learning Programs

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The first few years in a child’s life are a particularly important part of their development. While a child’s attendance in school is not required until they are old enough to enroll in a full or half-day kindergarten program, many experts agree that an early learning program can help with child development. Enrolling your child in an early learning program can be a great way to help them adjust into school life flawlessly.

Studies show that children who take place in early leaning do better in school, and later earn a higher salary when compared to children who didn’t attend any early learning programs. Children who were enrolled in a preschool program were also less likely to repeat a grade or be placed in special education classes, and more likely to graduate from high school and purchase their own homes. Early learning programs are also great for children who have shown little language development, which occurs rapidly between the ages of 1 to 5. These programs will help your child through activities such as a reading aloud, group discussion, and sing-alongs.

Early learning programs can help your child prepare as they grow old enough to enroll in a school age program. Children who are enrolled in preschool programs are able to familiarize themselves with a school environment, making the transition into regular schooling is smoother. This means they will be able to focus on their academics, and will likely be more willing to participate in classroom activities.

If you’re considering enrolling your child in an early learning program, it’s good to schedule a visit before to make sure your child is comfortable. Have your child meet the staff, and see how they react to being in a group. If your child responds well, it’s a good indication that they are ready for their first step in education.

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