How You Can Increase Your Starting Salary By Attending College

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Are you considering heading back to school to complete a degree in a field like English or a degree in secondary education? You have graduated from high school, and either you are applying for college or you took some time off and are now trying to decide if you should apply for a higher education degree. Whatever the case, it is a big decision to be made and should not be taken lightly. Applying for college can make a lasting change in your life but not unless you are ready for the commitment.

Interested in learning more about how a bachelors degree can make a difference in your future? Keep reading to find out why receiving your degree in a field like history or a degree in secondary education can have a positive impact on your future career and livelihood.

One of the first things you probably consider when you are deciding whether or not to go to college is the cost of tuition. It may be intimidating trying to apply for loans, create a budget and follow through on a plan for paying for your college education. The most important thing is to not get caught up in the finances of tuition. With enough research and assistance from those who specialize in applying for loans, you can make sure to complete all the forms necessary every year to receive the most assistance you can. Even if you do not receive grants, loans or scholarships that cover the full cost of tuition for all four years, a college education is still extremely valuable.

You always have to keep looking forward to your future when applying for college and working through college. If you choose not to go to college, statistics show that you automatically forfeit around half a million dollars in potential income. While it may be hard to look at the cost of tuition and think about the day when you will have paid off your loans, not going to college could mean a lifetime of continuously living paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet.

When it comes to paying off your loans, many college graduates say attending college itself ?paid off? their degree in the long run. In fact, 83 percent agree with this statistic. That goes to show that your income once graduating from college is likely to be high enough to live a stable life with the potential for it to climb over the years. The numbers help demonstrate how true this statement is. If you only have your high school diploma, the Pew Research report from 2012 states that you will make around $28,000 annually. Someone with a college diploma will make around $45,000.

Another thing to consider when applying for a higher education degree is what you will major in during your time there. This can greatly impact what type of career you have afterward and what type of salary you make annually. For instance, if you join an English program, you are likely to keep the doors wide open for a variety of careers in your future. You can do anything from journalism, to teaching, to publishing. Most graduates with a degree in English start out at around $36,200 for their salary.

Other degrees to consider range from history, to psychology, to chemistry, to art history, to economics, to a degree in secondary education. You also do not have to stress about knowing what you want to major in right away. You can take your time and try out different courses as you get settled and decide which is the right path for you. You do not want to invest your money in a degree that you do not enjoy or do not finish, so make sure to select a major that you are passionate about all-around.

Are you considering applying for college for a degree in secondary education or another field? Have you already gone through the application process and applied for loans and scholarships? Let us know in the comments about your experience choosing a college and selecting your major or future career path.

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