How to Use a Generator Size Calculator

When you want to get a generator for your home, there is a lot to consider. There are different makes and models, and there are also different sizes. It can be complicated to try to figure out what size of a generator you need for your specific home. That’s why there is a generator size calculator. This calculator uses a couple of numbers that you submit and tells you how large the generator should be.

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The calculator asks how many square feet are in your home and the zip code where it’s located. Then, you enter the size of your central air conditioner, whether it’s one unit or two or even more.

generator size calculator

Next, the calculator asks you what in your home will need to be powered. There will be a number of things that you can choose as being items that need power. The object is to choose the things that would make life comfortable without choosing so much that the price of the generator gets out of hand. Just think of a few things that you will want to use while the power is out. This calculator will help you to find a generator of just the right size.

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