How To Repairing Your Home Irrigation System

If you want to learn more about irrigation repair and how to troubleshoot your weak drip irrigation system, you should consider some tips from experienced professionals. Landscape contractors are generally equipped with the knowledge to assist you with finding the leak and repairing it. There may be a supply line that has a dripper on the end that calibrates the amount of water that reaches the plants.

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The supply point pressure may need to be checked with a pressure gauge to asses if the pressure is high enough. If the pressure is correct, the problem might be down the line further at a connection point, so the pressure there should be checked as well. If the pressure is low, there is an insufficient amount of water filling each line, causing the plants to receive less water. You should consider dividing your system into two parts, and running them separately to shorten the line and see if the irrigation system is working better. You can test this theory out, by turning on the water and testing the reading on the gauge once more. If you want assistance, call a local irrigation repair servicer.


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