How to Install a Sliding Cabinet Barn Door

When you want to add a sliding cabinet barn door to your home, where do you start? This is a great addition to your home, and can really make your space feel new. Keep reading to learn how these are installed.

You will start by getting the materials you need to install the door. Your local hardware store will have all the materials you need.

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The first thing to do is measure the doorway you have. Then, find a door that fits your space. You can usually find barn door kits that will have the bar and the wheels you need to install.

After that, you will need to drill the plank of wood into the wall. You should always use a level to make sure that it’s even with the floor. Otherwise, your door will hang slanted. You will screw the slider onto the wood plank and then add the wheels. After that, you can screw the door onto the slider and you are all set. For a more detailed explanation of the installation process, you can watch videos online. There are plenty of them that give great insight into the process of an installation.


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