Get That Master’s Degree and Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

Bachelor of interdisciplinary studies degree

You might be under the impression that it doesn’t really matter what type of degree you have or that you even have a degree at all. You might think that it is all about hard work and that you can advance anywhere by simply applying yourself and making your own way. Well, if you thought that, you would be partially right.

You would certainly be right about the hard work part. You can’t expect to get anywhere or advance toward anything bigger if you don’t put in the time and the effort. However, it absolutely does matter what type of degree you have. There are ceilings that you will be banging your head against if you don’t further your education.

In 2013, Americans with a four-year degree made 98% more than people who did not have a degree. That is almost double the salary! When you take into account the money that you are losing out on by not going to college, you will see that that decision will cost you about a half a million dollars.

Maybe you have a four-year college degree and are wanting to do something more with your education and your life. Perhaps you might consider getting a masters degree in adult education.

Having a masters degree in adult education would enable you to help the thousands of adults out there who are trying to get their college degrees in order to help their families have a better life.

The average person holding a bachelor’s degree makes an annual salary of $45,000. When you take into consideration that a person without a four-year degree makes around $27,000 per year, you can already see how helping someone get that bachelor’s degree would make their lives better.

At the same time, getting a masters degree in adult education will put you in a position to make more money yourself. Your higher education degree will position you to make a difference not only in the lives of those who need a leg up but also to make yourself more secure.

Education of any kind is clearly not a waste, and a masters degree in adult education is no different. When it comes to higher education, 83% of all college attendees say that their degrees have definitely paid off. They have been able to pursue job openings that would have otherwise been out of their reach because of their lack of a degree.

As we move forward through the next several years and decades to come, education is what will help us all excel. Jobs that were once out of reach will be within our grasp. You, too, can be a part of this educational movement.

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