Culture Wars: Understanding the “Woke” Problems Facing Catholic Schools Nationwide

The culture wars that spurred during the pandemic resulted in many parents turning away from public education in favor of a classical Catholic school. These schools did not have to deal with the same strict protocols, but they also offered a safe harbor for parents who wanted to shield their children from critical race theory, gender theory, and other woke issues. However, Catholic schools are facing their own woke problems.

Catholics Going Woke

Some Catholic schools, bishops, and churches decide to go woke. This poses a problem for other Catholics who say that going woke goes against the Bible. Many others state that this brings a political agenda into the classroom where it has no place. Some Catholic schools are stripped of their Catholic status for things like flying a pride flag.

Schools Under Pressure

However, as some bishops, churches, and schools hold firm to the religious teachings that a classical Catholic school has become known for, others admit to buckling under pressure. Parents, staff, and community leaders continuously pressure the private sector to include more inclusive and diverse teachings, often translating into teaching children gender ideology. When schools refuse, donors may stop, putting schools in a challenging position financially.

Staff Beliefs Matter

According to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the teaching staff in Catholic schools nationwide consists of 151,101 people. Schools strive to hire teachers who follow the same faith, but it can be difficult with such a high number of staff and so many Catholics going woke. This can lead to teachers reading books or including lessons that schools may not agree with.

Parents in an Uproar

Parents often turn to a classical Catholic school to ensure their children aren’t taught things like gender theory or read trans books in the classroom. When woke ideology and politics come into the school or church, these same parents are forced to decide whether they should let their children stay in the school. Now, parents are pulling children and doing their due diligence instead of trusting the church as they should be able to.

Classical Catholic schools should remain a place of Christ. We pride ourselves on holding firm to our religious beliefs, but the woke revolution continues to create chaos throughout the Catholic community. Now, more than ever, it’s essential that we all stand together.

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