An Introduction Into Real Estate

In this video, you will learn about real estate. It goes through some basic steps for beginners and covers a lot of good foundational information. Real estate has its own language.

Video Source

Sometimes, it can be intimidating when you don’t know what all of them mean. In this video, he is going to go over some foundational words and principles to help you understand. This way, you can make a lot of money. Real estate is on the rise and a lot of people are making money this way. The first word that we go over is a home mortgage. There are a lot of different ways to break down mortgages. There is not just one way to pay off a mortgage. An SFH mortgage is for a single-family home. This is where just one family lives in it. It is a single dwelling. Once the home becomes a duplex or condo, it is no longer considered SFH. When applying for a mortgage, you will go to the bank and ask for a loan. This is going to be your mortgage. The typical way this goes is that the amount of money the bank gives you is going to match about what you have to offer in your total assets and income. From there, it is typical to put down 10% when you purchase the house.

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