An Inside Look at a Spring City Early Learning Childcare Center

Reading is arguably the most essential component to early development in children. Take a look inside the Spring City early learning childcare center to absorb the entire facility.

An Infants room is accessible to children six weeks to six months old, equipped with cribs, floor mats, and toys to promote early learning.

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The room connects to the Waddler room which houses those with a “readiness to move.” Parent-oriented schedules and nap schedules allow for extreme flexibility in the services parents and their newborns can take advantage of.

In the Butterflies room children age two to two-and-a-half are introduced to table activities, potty training, and experiences that spark their creativity and promote early learning.

The largest age group is the four-year-olds, Fireflies, who experience childcare that most closely mimics elementary school learning. The early learning childcare center shows impressive understanding of the different growth periods in childhood and a knowledge of how to tailor early learning curriculums to care for and develop children of all ages.

A gym space is available in every Ducklings facility as a place to move, release energy, interact, and invite parents for various events. On their way out of every facility families will pass the bookshelves once again and be bookended with a reminder of the power reading has on early learning.

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