A Beginners Guide to Scaffolding Safety

Scaffolding is essential in all types of building projects. Safe use of the scaffolds eliminates accidents at the worksite. The video shows how to use them safely. Here are some tips.


Before seeking out local scaffold rentals, training is essential for everyone who uses them. Training ensures that scaffolding users understand their purposes and how to use them.

Video Source

It also helps them to understand the need for care while working on the scaffolds.


Tie scaffolds to the ground. All parts must connect correctly. Local scaffold rentals ensure to provide everything their clients need. The proper connection ensures they can hold the weight of as many as will require to work while on them.
Safety is essential in the use of scaffolding. Improper installation could cause fatal accidents at the worksite.

Where to Setup

Always consider the location of the scaffold setup. Do not place it in a place with high vehicle or human traffic. Keep them away from electrical wires to avoid electric shock on the users. Ensure that pedestrians who pass near the scaffold get protection from falling debris.

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