9 Reasons to Pick a Private Education for Your Kids

The decision to send a child to one of the private schools in your area is a hard one. There are benefits to private education that can outweigh any downsides. Here are a few:

  1. The classes are smaller. Whether you are talking about private grade schools, private middle schools, or even private preschools, one thing they all have in common is the size of the classes. The average size of a class in most public schools runs about 25 pupils. Teachers are not able to give each student the attention they need because there are just too many students. In private schools, the classes are smaller and each student can get the attention they need.
  2. The teachers are well trained in the subjects they teach. Public school teachers are dedicated but they do not have the same level of education. When you are talking about private education, the teachers usually have advanced degrees in the subjects they teach. They can impart an enthusiasm for the subject matter that cannot be rivaled. When asked, at least 91% of parents with kids in private schools listed this as the number one reason they went with a private education for their children.
  3. Private schools are safe. There is generally a different student to adult ratio in private schools. Because there are fewer students, the faculty and staff at private education facilities get to know them better. They can spot and head off possible problems. Experts say that private education institutions are more than twice as safe as public schools. These schools are also very good at heading off bullying before it becomes a problem.
  4. Parents are more involved in their kids’ education. Public schools do not do a lot to get and keep the parents involved. This is not true in the world of private education. As a rule, private schools do more to encourage parents to get and stay more active in the school community. There are more opportunities for parent to communicate with teachers and staff at the school their child attends. Many of the relationships formed in these communities last a lifetime.
  5. Private schools do more to foster a real community feel. Private schools are not just active during the school day. They do a lot in terms of extracurricular activities. The staff and faculty spend more time developing a community around the school. Kids who are part of the school community often feel more at ease and able to become more passionate about their classes and the activities they care about. Students are encouraged to take part in sports, the arts, or whatever other activity that interests them.
  6. Kids are encouraged to do what they love. Some people know early on what they love and what they want to do. By sending your child to a private school, they can get started on that path earlier than if they go to a public school.
  7. They have more resources. Private schools have more resources available to help and nurture the students who attend them. They use these resources to enhance students’ experience at the school. They have better science, art, and other equipment and tools. When you combine better resources with their commitment to community development, the overall experience for the students and their families is better. When you are talking about the private education experience, these schools are better able to help students develop into well-rounded people.
  8. Private schools graduate more students. When it comes to graduate high school graduation rates, you cannot beat a private education. It has been estimated that private schools across the United States can boast a graduation rate that hovers around 100%. That is nearly 20 percentage points above those rates in public high schools.
  9. Private schools provide great opportunities for networking. It is no secret that many students who get a private education go on to be successes in their fields. The alumni network for many private schools are extensive and can help kids long after they have graduated from the school itself.

Choosing between a public and private education for your child can be a hard decision to make. It is also very personal for your child and your family. These are nine reasons many parents pick private schools for their kids.

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