8 Tips to Get the Most from Online Lectures


More and more students are taking classes online. It has been estimated that about 32% of college students have at least one online class. Students like the option of taking classes or watching lectures on online for a number of reasons. They do give students the option to watch lectures when they want to. Here are some tips to make your experience with online courses better:

  1. These are real classes. There are people who think that the classes that are offered online are going to be easy and that they can basically blow off the lectures. This is not the case. You should approach any online classes you take with the same level of seriousness that you would have for a class you take in person. Going in with the wrong attitude is a sure way to fail at these classes.
  2. Create a good study space. You need to find a spot at your home where you are going to be able to get your work done for the online courses that you are taking. You may already have a spot where you do your coursework. This area needs to have good lighting, be quiet, have access to the internet and power. You need a distraction-free zone to get your work done.
  3. Take advantage of all of the resources you have. When you take an online course, there are often other resources that can help you with the material. The lectures are important but there may be other materials you can use and websites you can access to get the most out of the class. You should take some time to install any updates to your computer and make sure the browser you are using is as up to date as possible and make sure that the online lecture software works with your preferred browser. You may want to switch to a new one, depending on the system used by the class you are taking.
  4. Use the library. The school library should have access for online students. Look into what you need to do to get that and take advantage of the resources they have. If you are not familiar with these, ask! There are people there to help you.
  5. You have to be really organized. You should try to be organized, regardless of how you take your classes but it is even more important to be organized when you are taking online classes. Take some time to put all of your files into a system that works for you. Make sure your notes are thorough and that you have copies of anything you submit for the course.
  6. Make good use of your time. This is another part of being well organized. One of the benefits of looking at lectures online is that you can do it whenever you want. That means you have to have a bit more self-discipline to actually do it. Unlike lectures you physically attend, no one takes attendance for lectures online.
  7. Get to know your professor and the other students. One drawback to taking classes online is that you may not feel as connected to the professor who is teaching the class and the other students who are taking it. You can interact with the people who are involved in your class. You can do this online or in person. Sometimes these classes will put together events to encourage students to meet each other. If they have this for your classes, take advantage of the chance to get to know the other people taking and teaching it.
  8. If you need help, ask for it. If you do find that you need help with the material, you can get it if you take the time to ask. There are resources available to help students when they need it. The professor may have online “office hours.” Help is available if you need it.

Students have a wide array of options when it comes to taking classes today. Looking at lectures online and working with other students in a virtual environment can be a very rewarding experience. It takes some time and effort but online courses can make it possible for students to pursue their education.

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