6 Shocking Myths about Daycare for Kids

Private child care

Finding a daycare for your child can be very overwhelming because there are so many institutions that have different educational values. There is lots of information out there regarding the best ways to choose a school, and it’s not all true. Here are some common myths about daycare for children that every parent should know.

Myth #1: Every parent has access to the best child care. False. The high cost of private school tuition means that some parents have trouble finding a daycare that is high quality. If you aren’t able to afford institutions with the best private school rankings, remember that subsidized child care is always an option.

Myth #2: It’s better for children to stay home with family until they are ready to begin school. False. Children absorb more information at a young age than they will any other time in their life, and it’s important for them to be in a stimulating and interesting environment during this time. It’s nice for parents to be there when their children grow up, but it’s not always best for the kids overall learning. It’s also important to help your child learn how to dress themselves, brush their hair and become self-sufficient, because this is an important step in readying them for preschool.

Myth #3: It’s a waste of money to pay for school until kids get to college. False. There are actually tons of benefits of sending your kids to the best daycare at a young age, and these can have an impact on them for the rest of their lives. Kids who participated in early childhood education day care activities are more likely to own a home and have a job. They also earn at least $5,000 more annually than their counterparts who receive pre-kindergarten education. Basically, paying for a great education at a young age will have benefits that are lifelong.

Myth #4: Children should be seen and not heard. False. The average four year old asks up to 437 questions each day! This can sometimes be overwhelming for parents and it can be tempting to tell them they should simply observe the world around them and not ask questions. This would be a mistake though, because the best way kids can learn is by constantly inquiring about the new things they see. You should encourage creativity and curiosity in your children, because these are qualities that make them good and interested learners.

Myth #5: Public schools are all terrible. False. This isn’t always true, but depending on the area the effect can be very pronounced. One of the primary benefits of private schools is often thought to be the superior education they offer compared to public schools. When finding a daycare, you should consider the experiences and reviews of past clients because this will tell you a lot about the quality of education.

Myth #6: Homeschooling my kids is better than sending them outside of the home. False. Social skills are an important thing for any child to learn, and when they are only educated at home they don’t get this important aspect of education. Going out of the home for school not only teaches kids how to interact in the real world, but it helps them foster friendships and better understand how to behave in public. Homeschooling simply isn’t a good substitute for real world education with other kids. More.

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