5 Tips to Help You in Your Search for a Dental Job Opening

The overall increase in employment of dentists between 2018 and 2022 is projected to be 7%. In this period, almost all dentist job opportunities will increase. Adding to the fact that dentists earn an average hourly salary of $83.71, a career in dentistry is very promising.

However, even as opportunities increase, dental job seekers need to find ways to stand out as they look for dentist job listings. In this article, we will look at some great strategies to help you land the best general dentist jobs.

1. Temporary Employee Roles or Internships

Over the years, temporary employee roles have had a bad reputation. However, they are still a great way of showcasing your proficiency and gaining work experience. Temporary positions at times open up opportunities for a permanent role.

Even if a company you wish to work for has not advertised dental positions, apply for a temporary role or internship. Request the position for a two or three month period with no obligation from the company to hire. In this period, work hard to integrate with the other team members and become a valuable part of the company.

If you work diligently, temporary jobs and internships can lead to a full-time job. Also, you will get the opportunity to hone your skills and gain valuable connections. Even if you are not offered a permanent position, you can leverage these relationships to get recommendations and referrals.

2. Build a Network

These days, not all job opportunities are advertised. High-value roles rarely are. Institutions like to handpick individuals for jobs that have a huge impact on the company. As such, building a network will give you access to the best dental opportunities.

Being able to build and sustain a network that will aid your career progression requires a wide range of skill sets. You have to improve your interpersonal skills. This will help you build meaningful relationships.

Join dental associations in your area and attend dental events. These are great platforms to meet industry experts. A robust network will be beneficial throughout your career.

3. Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunities

Getting the right dental associate job can be tedious and take a lot of time. Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunities is a company changing that narrative. It provides a platform for practitioners and job seekers to find suitable candidates and positions, respectively.

Companies that hire dentists can post dentist job listings for potential candidates to review. Also, individuals seeking dental positions can submit their CV and applications online. HSNDO works with clients directly over the phone and also gives personalized attention.

By using Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunities, you will have access to all the best dentist job openings. Also, job seekers do not pay any fee.

4. Make Your CV Standout

Your CV is the first meaningful interaction most potential employers will have with you. Therefore, your resume should be optimized to make the best possible first impression. A well written and designed CV increases your chances of being called in for a face to face meeting.

Tailor each resume you send out to mimic the specific job you are applying for. Highlight all the skills, the expertise you have that would be beneficial in that position. Customizing your application for dentist job listings will increase your suitability for that position over other candidates.

5. Research the Company

As you seek dental opportunities, it is important to portray yourself as the candidate the institution is looking for, rather than just being another applicant. To do this, you must do extensive research on each company and find out their values, mission, and vision.

As you apply for a dental position, whether it’s temporary or permanent always try to communicate in a way that resonates with the values of the potential employer.


A career in dentistry can be very rewarding. However, you must be strategic in your search for dentist job listings. Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunities will give you access to numerous dental positions available. Submit your resume today to get to know the best dental opportunities.

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