4 Reasons Why Returning To School Is A Great Choice For You

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The decision to return to school is a difficult one, with “real life” obligations like family and work commitments often getting in the way. But with 83% of degree holders saying that college has paid off, getting your degree — with anything from an English major to a science major — is certainly something to consider. Furthermore, there are more solutions to the obstacles in the way of getting your education than you would think, and the rewards can be huge.

1. Your Degree Can Mean Much More Money

Many are concerned with the financial aspect of returning to school; however, many colleges and universities offer scholarships to students continuing or returning to their education. Plus, workers with the minimum of a bachelor’s degree earned an average of $45,500 in 2012, while people with only some college earned an average of $30,000 and those with just a high school diploma earned $28,000. Even an undergraduate degree alone can open doors. Jobs aside, say, for example, that you’ve already gotten your undergraduate degree in business administration; you could always return to school to you get your masters of business administration degree.

2. There Are A Wide Variety Of Options

Getting a degree doesn’t mean you have to abandon what you love … the opposite, in fact! If you enjoy reading and writing, you would likely do well as an English major, with the average English major receiving starting salaries of $36,200 and making $63,500 by mid … career. Other options popular with those pursuing adult education is a psychology degree or a family studies degree.

3. Getting Your Degree Can Improve Daily Life

Lots of people find that their new degrees improve their confidence levels and can help in daily life. That’s one reason why something like a family studies degree could be perfect for an individual whose previous experience is largely in raising a family. It not only plays to your strengths but improves them, and can ensure a better future for that family in the process.

4. Most Universities Will Work With You

In this day and age, so many individuals choose to continue their education that it would be counterintuitive for a school to not offer options for their older, more established students. If you need a flexible schedule, universities can work with you, offering night, weekend, and summer classes as well as fall and spring courses during more conventional hours. Other cost … efficient options include bus and shuttle transport and free parking.

Nobody would say that getting your degree is easy, but it’s most definitely worthwhile. A new or higher … level degree gives you the ability to make more money and climb the career ladder. The choice is yours, but you shouldn’t think that it isn’t an option for you.

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