3 Benefits of Choosing Private Schools Over Public Schools

Residents living in Kendall Florida have the option of choosing between about 20 schools for their kids. The unfortunate thing about choosing public schools, however, is that zoning delegates which public school your child will attend. What happens if you’re not impressed with the school or if you have other problems? Chances are there’s not a whole lot you can do, except opt for another schooling option altogether. Instead of being stuck in the public school regime, find out what benefits private schools in Kendall Florida have to offer.


Private education schools offer individualized attention to students that they need. More than 80% of private schools don’t even have 300 students in them, meaning that there’s a much smaller student teacher ratio compared with public school education. In 2011-2012 the average school size of private schools was around 146 students. Due to the smaller class sizes and more individualized attention behavior issues are typically not a problem. Fewer students means rules are enforced and students are expected to abide by them.


Another advantage of choosing private schools over public schools is that parents can choose a school based on their religious beliefs. This is a common factor as to why parents choose private schools in Kendall fl over the numerous public school options. If you are wanting your child to be taught based on religious beliefs then private schools are your best option since religion is not a part of public school curriculum. Religious education varies from one school to another, so do your research and ask questions. Some schools provide education based on a certain religious belief while others are just geared around a certain religion.


Public schools are seeing funding cuts happen left and right, and one unfortunate victim of these budget cuts is the sports programs. When expenses need to be cut the two programs that see the effects first are the sports programs and fine arts programs. Private schools incorporate sports into their educational program. Determine how important the sports program is before deciding upon a school. While private schools have sports programs they are not all the same. Some schools offer sports as a means of exercise, but others offer higher standards and are geared towards performance in certain sports. Research the sports programs at individual schools to determine which one provides a program that matches your individual needs and wants.

Private school options are nothing new for parents in Florida or other states. More than 5 million students are served at more than 305,000 private schools in the U.S. Parents in are utilizing their options for private schools in Kendall Florida rather than just sending their kids to any run of the mill public school. Parents don’t have to settle and private schools offer other options besides settling.

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