3 Beneficial Reasons to Enroll Your Child in Preschool

As time goes on, more parents are enrolling their children in preschool. Research from 1990 to 2013 found that the amount of three to five year olds enrolled in preprimary schools rose from 59 to 65%. If you’re on the fence about this decision, it’s important to learn how beneficial preschool is. Here are three major benefits of having your child attend preschool.

  1. Prepares Your Child for Kindergarten

    Preschool allows your child to learn and have fun throughout the day. With that in mind, it’s important to ensure your child’s potential preschools values teaching their young students. Certain schools place more of a focus on having an academic preschool curriculum. This is a great way to ensure your young child receives a quality education during this critical stage of brain development.
  2. Great for Busy Parents

    Research shows that almost 75% of young children throughout the United States attend some type of preschool programs. One study found that, among three to five year olds in preschool, 51% attend full day programs. These types of programs are great for parents who work full time jobs. This also removes the hassles associated with finding and relying on consistent childcare.
  3. Making New Friends

    Another important reason to enroll your child in preschool is the potential for social interaction. Most young children will spend lots of time at home with their parents. This makes it difficult for young children to interact with others their age. By attending preschool, your child will be able to begin having these interactions and making new friends. You might find that these early friendships last for many years to come. This also helps to ensure that your child feels overwhelmed being placed into a social environment when it’s time to attend kindergarten.

In conclusion, there are several beneficial reasons for your child to attend preschool. Before you can choose a school, you’ll need to find a preschool that suits you and your child’s needs. Many parents find it beneficial to tour a preschool with their child. You might consider typing in a web search to find preschools near me. After typing your find preschools near me search, you should be able to find reputable preschools in your vicinity.

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