What to Know About Media Literacy

We spend most of our waking hours consuming media. All sources of information, which are many in our current society, can be recognized as media. Films, movies, social media, TVs, and cell phones are some mediums. In the video, media literacy is how we use different communication channels to send and receive messages and influence people’s actions.
When looking at media literacy, the focus is on access to information and how different people understand it. It also looks at content creation and how it influences those who consume it. At the moment, anyone can use a range of media channels to broadcast information. Media literacy teaches people to check how they receive and understand different messages. It also helps them consider the influence of media over their actions.
As a result of gaining media literacy, an individual can identify different messages and their intended effects. When a creator broadcasts a message, different people understand it differently. Those in the same circumstances or environment as the creator may understand it as intended, while others may not. Therefore, content creators must understand media literacy to ensure they do not have to explain all the content they create.

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