What Are Pipe Chocks For?

If you’re a part of the pipe production industry, or if you need to get pipes transported for your company, then you should know what pipe chocks are. Keep reading to learn a bit more about what pipe chocks do.

During pipe transportation, it’s important that they are held in place. This is so they don’t bounce around the container they are shipped in.

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This could cause scratches to the pipe and damage its structure. Make sure you’re using best practices when transporting pipes. If you’re receiving pipe, make sure the manufacturing company has good systems in place for protecting the pipe.

They are made from a polyethylene compound and are usually orange-colored, depending on where you get them. This is to help easily identify them from the pipes when cargo needs to be unloaded. You can buy them in a variety of sizes across the industry to ship different sizes of pipes.

Watch this video to see how the pipe product chocks work in action. Reach out to a manufacturing company (or the one you use) to ask about the safety measures they take when transporting pipes. Don’t wait, make sure your pipes get to your business safely today.


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