Three Learning Activities That Children Special Needs Children to Use All Senses

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What is one thing that often goes hand-in-hand with autism? The majority of children who have autism also have sensory processing dysfunctions. Children with autism and sensory dysfunctions do not experience things the same way we do. “Children with ASD may often experience an inability to respond ‘appropriately’ and be seen as having challenging behaviors or obsessions,” Indiana University explains. Simple sensory activities, however, can help. Special needs schools share some of the best learning activities for children with autism.

Shred Up Some Paper For Sensory Art Projects

Special education programs recommend shredding up paper to create sensory, shredded flower bouquets. The project helps children with learning disabilities identify shapes, colors, and textures. Using a blank sheet of white paper as a backdrop, help children cut out strips of green paper and glue them onto the white paper for stems. Once you’ve done that, the fun begins. Tear and/or cut up pieces of different color paper and arrange them on top of the stem for flower petals.

Set Up A Sensory Table

Another great idea is a sensory table. “A sensory table is a place designed for squishing, sifting, sorting, digging and pouring! Children will relish the opportunity to get messy, discover, and play freely with engaging their sense of touch, hearing sight,” explains. Rice, shredded paper, and packing peanuts all make great materials for the table; all of these materials are ideal for touching or digging.

Get Creative With A Smelling Station

Working with special needs children can be simple and fun, with the right activities. Help children with sensory disorders explore their sense of smell with a smelling station. Simply use some opaque jars, fabric, and rubber bands. Place different materials inside the jars and challenge children to guess what’s inside. You can paint see through jars or put pieces of paper inside to help hide different materials.

What are the best learning activities for children with autism? Remember to set up sensory activities and challenge children to use all of their senses. See this link for more references.

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