More Educational Choices Available Today Than Ever Before

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Deciding to send their children to private versus public schools used to be the only decision that parents had to make when choosing an educational path for their young children. After weighing the benefits of private schools and public schools, parents would decide which was best for their child. Today, however, there are a number of different approaches to education, giving parents and children many more options. Parents can choose between a more traditional style of learning and a more hands on, activity-based style that has developed into popular methods over the years.

  1. Public Schools – The public school system exists to provide educational services to all children, regardless of their economic background. Many people believe that public schools don’t provide students with as good of an education as private schools do, but there are actually many top-ranking public schools throughout the country. There are also high school and elementary school enrichment programs available in public schools to give students who excel an opportunity for more challenging coursework.
  2. Private Schools – Unlike public schools, private schools charge tuition to all students who attend. While they are usually quite expensive, many feel that the benefits of private schools make it worth the high cost. Advantages of private schools include smaller average class size, stricter graduation requirements and more individual attention from teachers. Many private schools are also affiliated with a religion, allowing families with strong religious beliefs to provide their children with an education rooted in these beliefs.
  3. Montessori Schools – The Montessori educational method was created by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1897. The ideology behind this method of teaching is that children learn best when they are allowed to go at their own pace. Classrooms often include students of varying ages, and teachers are present to guide students through their learning experience and do not teach a classroom in the traditional sense. Freedom and movement are encouraged, and students are able to choose from a range of activities that is best suited to their learning style. The Montessori method is typically seen in private elementary schools, though it is becoming more popular in high schools and even some public schools.
  4. Waldorf Schools – The Waldorf approach to education is based on the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner. Waldorf schools divide a child’s education into three stages, including their early, elementary and secondary years. There is a strong emphasis on imagination, and common themes are taught across the different subjects. The goal of the Waldorf system is to help students become free-thinking, responsible, socially-competent individuals.
  5. These are just some of the educational options available to students today. With different educational methods becoming more popular around the world, parents don’t have to struggle with only weighing the benefits of private schools and public schools. More options means parents are able to find a method that is best suited to their child’s individual style of learning. See this link for more.

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