Here are 3 Reasons to Include Spanish in a Preschool Curriculum

Preschool can be an important time in a child’s life. It’s a chance for young children to learn basic concepts from a young age, which can give them an advantage once they move on to grade school. While many think of preschool as a place to learn about colors, shapes, and the alphabet, it’s also an ideal environment for beginning to learn a foreign language like Spanish. Including a Spanish curriculum for preschool can benefit young children in ways that can help them for the rest of their lives. This article is going to look at some important reasons for including preschool Spanish curriculum lessons in your child’s preschool education.

  • This is the Best Time to Learn a Foreign Language: One important reason to include a Spanish curriculum for preschool is that this is the ideal time for a child to begin learning a foreign language. For the first eight years of their lives, children are naturally adept at acquiring language skills. This is because the young brain is still developing and forming connections related to language. If Spanish is also taught during this critical time, the brain will make connections just as easily as it would to English. It’s not impossible for a child to learn a language like Spanish after the age of 8, but it will become more difficult if the lessons aren’t begun during this critical time.
  • Learning Spanish Can Help With Learning Other Languages Later: Another reason to include a Spanish curriculum for preschool is that it can help children learn additional languages later on in their lives. Studies show that children who speak a second language can learn a third language even faster. Therefore, starting your child on a Spanish curriculum early can open up the possibility of helping them become bilingual or even trilingual, which can be a great advantage in later years when they’re grown up and looking for a job. Many companies value employees who can naturally speak more than one language, and it could all start in preschool with basic Spanish lessons.
  • Learning a Second Language Can Help the Brain Grow: Another reason a Spanish curriculum should be included in a preschool environment is that learning a second language can help the brain grow and develop stronger connections. This is due to the fact that, since the child is essentially learning to speak two languages at once, the brain is working twice as hard to make language connections and will grow stronger as a result. This strength will become valuable as the child grows older, since they will likely not struggle as much with language skills, having learned two languages from a very young age.

In conclusion, there are a number of important reasons to include Spanish in a preschool curriculum. These include the fact that preschool is the best time for a child to begin learning a foreign language. There’s also the fact that learning Spanish can help with learning other languages later on. And most importantly, learning a second language can help the brian grow even stronger as it forges connections between two languages. For all of these reasons and more, if you have the chance, enroll your child in a preschool that offers a Spanish curriculum, the benefits will be extremely helpful in the long term for your child.

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