Do You Want to Become a Tattoo Artist? You May Want to Become an Apprentice First

Learn how to tattoo

Though tattoos have not always been popular within a larger cultural context, they are certainly more widespread now. America alone currently has about 21,000 tattoo shops, and about 14% of people in the United States have at least one piece of ink. Among those in America between the ages of 18 and 25, this statistic increases to 36%.

With all this in mind, you may want to learn to tattoo professionally. If you do, you may want to consider becoming a a tattoo apprentice at a nearby shop or attending a tattoo college or other tattoo trade school.

In the mid-19th century, the German-born Martin Hildebrandt became the first known tattoo artist at a professional level in America. Today, of someone wants to get a small-sized tattoo in America, it typically costs $45. In terms of the amount of work put into the job, a larger tattoo typically costs $150 for each hour.

Once you decide to become a tattoo apprentice, you’ll want be thorough in your search for the right shop at which to work. The artist under whom you act as apprentice should have many years of experience and be a good teacher. You may want the tattoo artist to have a similar style to your own, so that you can learn all the more about how to be effective in that particular aesthetic.

If you have questions, comments, or recommendations about how to find a good tattoo college or what the experience of an apprentice tattoo artist is like, you may share them in the forum below. More.

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