Building Codes and Safety Standards

For a complete fire detection system, you need fire alarms, detectors, maybe even digital fire protection, but it all varies based on what type of building you are in. There are different standards when it comes to national fire protection services. Some of these regulations contradict one another and make fire protection a fine line to balance on.

When it comes to commercial sprinkler companies, they have to follow a specific set of rules to make sure they follow the guidelines that are placed upon them.

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Fire protection sprinklers are a good way to deter fires as they break out in the residence, but there are many other factors that go into it.

One of the new ways fires are being prevented is by using performance design. Previously, this was frowned upon, but it’s becoming more socially acceptable. The main priority is that this has to follow the schematic of the building that can correlate with a design like this. Older buildings cannot handle these types of designs because they don’t follow the standards that we’ve set when building newer buildings.


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